Aluminium Door

Good processing performance: Aluminum profiles can be processed into large sizes and complex cross-sectional shapes with high dimensional accuracy. The processing technology of aluminum alloy doors is relatively simple and easy to modernize.
Strong corrosion resistance: The aluminum alloy oxide layer does not fade, does not fall off, does not require painting, is easy to maintain and does not require repair.
Durable: After good surface treatment, the aluminum profile has good atmospheric corrosion resistance. It is not afraid of moisture, sunlight, high temperature does not deform, low temperature does not embrittle, does not burn, does not age, lightning protection, long-lasting stability, suitable for various climates.
Light weight: The density of aluminum profile is 1/3 of that of steel, and its specific strength is higher. The aluminum profile used for windows per square meter is about 5KG, steel is 10-20KG, and the weight of plastic window frames exceeds 10KG.

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