4 Panel Aluminium Sliding Door

You have the flexibility to choose between 2, 3, 4 or even 6 panels. Configuration options include a 2 or 4 panel door with the ability to open half of the space or a 3 or 6 panel stacking door with the ability to open two thirds of the space. We can supply you with whatever you need.


Product Details

You can flexibly choose between 2, 3, 4 or even 6 panels. Configuration options include 2 or 4 panel doors that can open half of the space, or 3 or 6 panel stacking doors that can open one-third of the space. We can provide you with anything you need.

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4 Panel Aluminium Sliding Door Overview

Product details



4 Panel Aluminium Sliding Door


Profile: Aluminium alloy 2.0mm thickness

Finish: Powder coating white, grey (surface treatment and color can be customized)

Series: can be customized


Double tempered clear glass: 6mm+12A+6mm (color, type and thickness can be customized)


Brand: China and Germany top brand hardware (can be customized)


Width and height to be customized


Cutting, punching, drilling, etc


Professional technical support and good after-sales service


Equivalent or much better than Australia, EU and other

Our Advantages

● Customized products

● One-stop solution from design to installation

● Use 100% new aluminum raw materials

● Use high-quality hardware

● 10-year quality guarantee

● 4 panels


Q: What’s your price?

The price is based on your request, so please provide our information below and we will provide you with preferential prices as soon as possible.

Answer: Frame outline: Aluminum alloy 6063 T5.

B: The color and thickness of the profile: the color and thickness can be customized.

C: Product size: can provide drawings, the effect will be better.

D: Glass type, color, thickness: customizable type, color, thickness.

Q: Can I get a free sample before ordering?

A: We want to provide samples before you order, but it is not free. After you place an order with us, the money will be refunded to you. This is a great way to show sincerity to both of us.

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