Accordion Sliding Glass Doors


Product Details

1. Folding door design can provide maximum permeability and wide field of vision.
2. The load-bearing capacity of the sliding folding track system at the bottom of the folding door can reach 80KG. and the operation is smooth and easy.
3. The sliding and folding bottom rail design adopts double-layer waterproof rubber and drainage system to completely solve the problem of rubber aging and water leakage.
4. The maximum height of the folding door can reach 3 meters.

Type Aluminium Folding Door
Main Material Aluminium Alloy
Glass Type Single tempered glass
Double Tempered glass
Frosted glass
Color White,Black,Grey,Blue,Green
Any color for your choice
Size Customized size
Application Bedroom,Kitchen,Balcony,Living room,Study
Packaging Air Bubble Film + Plastic Film
As per your specific requests

1. The door frame guide groove is a separate structure, which can effectively prevent the door from opening and has high anti-theft performance.

2. The profile is designed with a large section, the internal fan material adopts an integrated design,

and the principle of equal pressure reduction between the outer frame and the internal fan improves the air tightness of the doors and windows. Torque resistance of windows and profiles themselves, impact of falling hammers, etc. Ensure that doors and windows are not easy to crack in cold areas.

3. The door frame adopts a two-compartment design with strong sturdiness and an independent drainage cavity to ensure smooth drainage under any circumstances.

4. The four corners of the door frame are made of stainless steel corner reinforcements, and the 45-degree angle is more accurate.



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