You Should Know Something About Window And Door

1.How is the aluminum alloy profile of door window made it?

Aluminum is the main addition of some alloying elements to enhance the strength and hardness of the profile. According to the chemical composition of aluminum alloy can be divided into aluminum silicon alloy, aluminum copper alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum titanium alloy, aluminum zinc alloy and aluminum rare earth alloy. General raw material is alloy aluminum ingots, aluminum ingots fused aluminum rods by heating extrusion into doors and Windows aluminum bar, after has the characteristics of temperature is not easy to oxidation, not easy to rust, but will react with hydrogen, although the process is slow, but in order to increase the service life of the further need to spray on the surface oxidation treatment, after processing of the service life of the aluminum alloy profile are now in more than 30 years.

2.What is a broken bridge aluminum alloy profile? What are its advantages?

Is divided into two ends in the processing process, in the middle of PA66 nylon insulation strips will be connected to both ends into a whole, the formation of insulation profiles, internal and external separated, internal and external color can be arbitrarily selected, can do double color, beautiful appearance, good performance, the formation of energy saving effect

3.What is the difference between ordinary aluminum alloy profiles and broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles?

Ordinary aluminum profile color is single, the whole is a conductor, heat transfer and heat dissipation is relatively fast. The color of broken bridge aluminum profile is diversified, and the PA66 nylon insulation strip is connected to both ends to form a heat insulation layer. The temperature difference between inside and outside is different, so as to reduce the heat transfer and play the role of heat preservation and energy saving.

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