Measures For Sealing And Dust Prevention Of System Window And Doors

I do not know if you have found that the doors and Windows of the home are closed, but the indoor furniture, not a few days on the fall of a layer of dust, you must be very distressed, very puzzled, these dust in the end is from where?Doors and Windows sealed, there is no one living room, air circulation, dimly lit, in this case, the gas will be degenerative, accumulation of dust can also fostered a variety of microbes, be full of in every corner of the room and all furniture, building materials, corrosion everything slowly, this is become old soon no one living room, the main reason of the roof is easy to broken.

The main reason for the frequent occurrence of dust in the home is the poor sealing of doors and windows, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

  1. Factors of doors and Windows themselves, poor quality of doors and windows, the splicing and closure of the gap is large.
  2. The installation quality is poor, resulting in deformation of doors and Windows, sash sagging cracks or other cracks due to improper installation.
  3. May be the use of inferior sealing tape, resulting in aging, fracture, cracking, falling off and other phenomena.

So after listening to these, how can the system doors and windows be sealed and dustproof?

  1. Special custom top: each door and window joint is equipped with special custom encryption top, effectively prevent dust from entering.
  2. Rubber strip seal: flexible material, relaxation degree, ensure the fan and glass contact more closely, increase the sealing. In the middle of the installation of rubber seal, rubber strip to form a horn of the potential to prevent the invasion of dust.
  3. Hardware positioning: good system hardware support, make the doors and Windows closer security, enhance the sealing of doors and Windows

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