Useful Tips For Maintance Windows And Doors

All houses are with windows and doors. Windows and doors are used for a long time or more or less can appear a few problems. Such as:

  • Doors and windows seepage of water.
  • Doors and doors won’t pull or open.
  • Serious deformation of doors and windows.
  • People often think of this as a minor problem, but it can leave a safety hazard.
  • Anything only use without maintenance, and then strong things will gradually damage.
  • So learn to maintain the things around, is also a major required course in life.

Here are some methods:

  1. Do not hang heavy objects on the door and avoid sharp objects bumping against and scratching. Don’t overexert yourself when opening or closing doors.
  2. Do not open the door lock with wet hands or splash corrosive solvent on the wooden door and the lock. Do not use excessive force to open the door or turn the handle. Hinges, door locks and other frequently active hardware accessories, loose to tighten immediately. When the door lock does not work, you can add the right amount of pencil lead and other lubricants to the keyhole for lubrication.
  3. When wiping the glass, do not make the cleaning agent or water penetrate into the gap of the glass laminating, so as to avoid the deformation of the laminating. Do not wipe the glass too hard, so as not to damage the glass and personal injury. Be sure to call a professional to repair the broken glass.
  4. When removing the stains on the surface of the wooden door (such as hand marks), you can use a soft cloth to wipe it after moistening it with breath. Hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface, stains too heavy can use neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, decontamination, immediately wipe clean. The edges and corners of the wooden door do not often rub, lest cause edges and corners to face material fading damage. When removing the dust on the wooden door, when not using soft cotton cloth to wipe, can use vacuum cleaner for removal. To maintain burnish of wooden door surface and service life, should undertake cleaning, dust removal regularly, can use ligneous to decorate product special maintenance liquid undertakes conservation to its surface.

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