What Is Aluminium Window And Door

1. What is the ordinary aluminum alloy profile?

It is connected inside and outside without air layer, the surface is sprayed anticorrosion treatment.

2. What is the broken bridge aluminum alloy profile?

The principle of broken bridge aluminum alloy window is the use of heat insulation strip indoor and outdoor two layers of aluminum alloy both separated and closely connected into a whole, constitute a new heat insulation type of aluminum profile, inside and outside color can be arbitrarily selected, beautiful, good performance, the formation of energy saving effect.


3. What is the difference between ordinary aluminum alloy profiles and broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles?

Ordinary aluminum profile as a whole conductor, heat transfer and heat dissipation is relatively fast;The heat insulation strip in the broken bridge aluminum profile has low thermal conductivity, forming a cold and hot broken bridge, heat preservation and insulation, and diversified colors.


4.What are system doors and Windows?Where did it come from?

System doors and Windows originated in Europe, through many years of use, in the design of the doors and Windows to consider the tightness and energy saving effect.System doors and Windows is the system company adopts the overall door and window system solution, to make a clear commitment to the performance of the product, quality indicators, need to consider a series of important functions such as water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, shading, weather resistance, operation feel, etc..Also consider the equipment, profiles, accessories, glass, adhesives, sealing parts of the performance of the comprehensive results of each link.





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