The Power Of Aluminium Window And Door

The power of doors and Windows is to make life better.
The narrow edge of the cloud allows the design to exist in every detail of the doors and windows.
Inclined frame is very narrow design, the front view of the fan frame is 4.5cm, the beautiful scenery like oil painting jumps out of the window, relaxing and happy.

Design:No column corner design, the vision is wider, the mood is broader, indoor and outdoor are light and transparent.

Narrow frame high seal design, three seals between fan frame and window, layer upon layer seal, improve water tightness and air tightness.Double flat appearance design, reflecting the simple atmosphere, in line with the high-level aesthetic.

With anti-theft function, can not be found from the outdoor pry point violence open doors and Windows, increase security.Improve the waterproof performance, the rain water from the glass fan extension directly outflow, will not cause rain leakage and other problems.


Lock: all sides are closed by multiple locking points.The sealing tape around the extrusion form a high sealing system, sound insulation, heat preservation, dustproof, waterproof sealing performance is better.

Inside flat opening: can be inside flat opening 90 degrees.It is used for large area ventilation in sunny weather, and it is convenient to clean the glass inside and outside the window, as well as the escape use in emergency.

Inverted: can be opened at a small Angle.To meet the needs of daily ventilation, but also with children’s safety protection and security anti-theft functions.Inverted windows do not occupy the interior space and prevent people from being injured by knocking against the window corner.

Closure: high permeability gauze screen, not block the sight, smooth ventilation, can effectively prevent mosquitoes.

Inside opening: convenient yarn fan cleaning and maintenance, so that users clean more easily, more safe.

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