How To Choose Good Window And Door

There are four points that you can refer to.

1. Energy saving
Door window energy saving to building energy saving after all how important?According to the data provided by industry experts, at this stage, building energy consumption accounts for about 40% of the total social energy consumption.Doors and windows are part of the building opening daylighting, is the weakest link of the building, the loss of energy through doors and Windows accounts for 45% ~ 50% of the building energy consumption, accounting for 20% of the total social energy consumption.Whether your home energy saving, doors and Windows is the key.

2. Sound insulation and noise reductionNow the pace of life is fast, life pressure is high, followed by gradually serious haze and noise, if the home mixed with haze and noise, how to live a happy and comfortable life?And put an end to these two problems, need to seal the door window with sound insulation.Today’s living standard has improved, people pursue comfortable, healthy home life, the home does not have to be very luxurious, but must be comfortable and healthy.

3. Safety
In today’s complex society, safety issues can not be ignored, in the choice of home doors and Windows should pay more attention to, choose high-quality doors and Windows, not only profiles to be durable, its anti-theft, anti-collision, anti-falling performance design is also essential.

4. Function
When the door window of choose and buy, besides what should consider whether style aesthetic suits oneself is decorated outside, the consideration that qualitative choice and functional demand is the most important, should consider daylighting, ventilated, sealed, heat insulation, sound insulation to wait a function for example.




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