The Importance Of Sealing Strip In Aluminium Window And Door

What do you need to pay attention to when buying aluminum doors and windows?

How to discern the stand or fall of door window performance?

This has an important relationship with the door and window sealing strip, then what kinds of sealing strip?

  • PVC material: the service life of the sealing strip of this material is 1-3 years, the price is low, but the weather resistance is poor in use, in case of low temperature hardening, shrinkage and cracking, so it is not recommended to choose the sealing strip of this material.
  • EPDM: This kind of sealant material has a service life of more than 20 years, good weather resistance, ozone, aging performance, good comprehensive physical and mechanical properties, but can not be color, can not be welded.So if you are in the general engineering non-cold area we suggest you use this kind of.

Thermoplastic elastomer: the sealing strip made of this material has a service life of more than 25 years. It has excellent ozone resistance and weather-resistant aging performance, and also has good comprehensive physical and mechanical properties. So no matter what the situation what area, you can choose this material.

Above is the sealing strip type aluminum alloy doors and Windows, above types have their use conditions, thermoplastic elastomer can be used with any of the circumstances, but the price is higher, so suggest it is a high grade project can use this kind of material, if it’s in the general case, you can select the epdm material oaluminum alloy doors and windows.

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