Two-color Aluminum Profile Production

1. Production process

The production process of two-color aluminum profile is: defatting → chromium → drying → upper row → spray painting → curing → lower row → inspection → frame → film → upper row → spray painting → tear film → curing → lower row → inspection → packaging.

2. Several problems to be paid attention to in the production process

  • choose a film with moderate viscosity.
    In the production of two-color aluminum profile, the reasonable selection of film is the key.
    The viscosity of the film is too low to stick, the film is easy to fall off, which brings considerable difficulty to spraying.
    The viscosity of the film is too large, indicating that the glue on the film is more. When the film is torn off, it is easy to stick the glue on the film to the profile, which affects the surface quality of the profile.On the other hand, in the choice of film, as far as possible to choose the composition of glue and paint composition consistent or close, so can reduce the influence of paint film color and lustre.
  •  choose the width and thickness of the film.
    Because of the complex shape of the aluminum profile section, the wide and narrow gap of the outer surface is large, it is easy to blow the flying edge, reduce the covering ability of the film, and affect the quality of spraying.


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