How To Choose Soundproof Winows And Doors

In recent years, people’s quality of life is getting better and better.Pay attention to the performance of doors and Windows when choosing doors and Windows, such as the insulation of doors and Windows, sound insulation of doors and Windows.Especially people living in the city, surrounded by all kinds of noisy sound, then doors and Windows sound insulation is particularly important.

The difference of sound insulation doors and Windows and non-sound insulation doors and windows

How to distinguish sound-proof doors and Windows and non-sound-proof doors and Windows, you can go to the manufacturer’s model room to choose, try the difference between sound-proof doors and Windows and non-sound-proof Windows in the model room, the gap between the two is really very big.Sound insulation doors and Windows do not hear a sound outside the room, 70 decibels do not have a sound, the exterior of non sound insulation doors and Windows does not change, do not have sound insulation effect, this is the distinction between sound insulation doors and Windows and non sound insulation doors and Windows.

Sound insulation effect of sound insulation doors and windows

Do a simple experiment to determine how good the sound insulation effect of doors and Windows is, a person standing outside the door, the sound is normal, to the outside people can not hear the sound, then the effect is quite high, sound insulation effect is better to hear the sound outside, but can not hear clearly.
The sound insulation glass of the sound insulation window is absolutely good. The sealant is used for three layers of sound insulation, which is the focus of sound insulation.The advantage of soundproof door window is waterproof, energy saving, be helpful for environmental protection, also be worth using soundproof window.




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