The Installation Problems Of Windows And Doors

Door and window are divided into enclosure component or disjunctive component by the position that its place is in, according to different design requirement, can have the function such as heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fire prevention respectively. Generally speaking, there will always be such and such problems when installing doors and Windows at home, so for consumers, what are the common problems with the installation of doors and windows?


Door and window fan and frame gap is large

When decorating, the master leaves the gap too large, or when installing, there is no vertical formation with the ground. The door sash can be unloaded and planed to be reinstalled after matching with the frame. If the window frame is not vertical, the gasket in the frame plate should be found straight. Knock the door with the hand side plate empty drum, show that the bottom is not lined with big core plate, should be removed after the panel pad big core plate.

The side of the window opening is not vertical

The main reason is that there is no pad to find straight wood, should be reworked pad flat, with a long ruler measurement without error before installing pad plate.

Surface color difference, damage, rot spots, cracks, etc. must be replaced to solve the decorative panel.

The wood used in the package door window cover should be coordinated with the wood color of the door and window fan, and the color difference between the decorative panel and the wood line cannot be large.

The door doesn’t close properly

The main reason may be that there is a problem with the installation of the lock, the lock tongue of the door is not installed correctly, and the corresponding lock size is not suitable. Remove the latch plate and repair the tongue groove with a chisel, adjust the position of the latch mouth of the door frame and then install the latch plate.

Sliding doors and Windows slide effortlessly

The main reason is to go up, the center line of next track or track groove was not in same lead hang down inside the surface be caused by, can unload track first, go with vertical ruler to good center of up and down track and track groove.

Poor installation of hardware

The reason is that the hinge of the flat door is not positive, leading to the door and window fan and frame cover is not smooth. Each hinge can be unscrewed a screw and then adjust the flatness of the door and window fan and the frame, adjust the repair and then tighten all the screws. If the hinge screw is short, the screw is nailed and tilted once, it will cause the door and window fan to be wide open, and the appropriate screw should be replaced when repairing. To keep the upper screw straight, screw it in half and then tighten it. Doors and windows although not their own installation, but also need to understand some doors and Windows installation matters needing attention, seemingly simple, there are a lot of problems to pay attention to, in the installation of doors and Windows to see whether the installation team is professional.

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