The Surface Treatment Of The Window Profile


  1.  Anodic oxidation: can form a porous oxide film, the hardness of the film layer can be up to 500HV; The porous oxide film can also absorb lubricants and pigments to enhance the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the surface of the material.It has good insulation effect and can prevent breakdown voltage greater than 30V/μm.High temperature resistance, can withstand high temperature of 1500℃;With good adsorption capacity, it can be oxidized and colored into various decorative colors. It is widely used in aerospace, electronic and electrical appliances, construction of various aluminum profile frame structures and architectural decoration.
  2. Electrophoresis coating: water as a dispersing medium, a small amount of co-solvent, reduce air and water pollution, no fire risk;The swimming permeability of the coating is very good, and it can be covered to the edge and gap of the aluminum profile, forming a dense and uniform oxide film, and the overall anti-corrosion ability is very strong.High appearance quality, no flow hanging phenomenon, no solvent condensation on the surface of the profile and the formation of poor appearance;Adopting advanced RO circulation system, the recovery rate of coating is above 98%, and the discharge of wastewater is small, which not only saves chemical coating, but also reduces environmental pollution.
  3. Powder coated: the molecular weight of the resin powder coating is larger than the molecular weight of the solution type coating, so that the surface of the aluminum profile has a good resistance to chemical medium performance;Powder coated can be obtained a 50-300μm coating, greatly reduce the number of coating, save working time, no solution type of coating in the coating produced droop phenomenon and pinhole defects, may obtain more film, make aluminum products durable;Colorful, improve the decorative effect;The quality of the surface of the aluminum substrate and the pretreatment quality is not as strict as the first two treatment methods.

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