Carefully Choose Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows

The choice of door window and buy look like simple, also be a very deep knowledge actually. Some of the misunderstandings and blind spots should be a lot of need to decorate the friends to understand. When buying door window, the first thing that consumer often does is to ask price, perhaps talk about price only, do not talk about configuration. When you think the doors and Windows are too expensive and not worth; When you feel the door window that is about the same on the surface actually immanent is really bad a lot of When you take a fancy to the door window of big brand obviously, chose the common door window of a rare reputation because of price however finally…

Behind the low-price products, many of them are the raw materials selected under the low cost and the rough process required for rapid completion…After check-in only to find a variety of do not wish. So, below the circumstance that uses material equally in coequal brand, undertake the contrast of many-sided much Angle, ability buys the door window of high cost performance more easily.

A good door and window, nature can block the wind and rain, carry the pressure, but good door and window options can more than these.In addition to the basic requirements of daylighting and ventilation, wind and rain shelter, as a part of the building structure, it also has the functions of heat preservation and insulation, sun shading and energy saving, sealing and noise reduction.In door window “room” bound, hardware is not dispensable fittings absolutely, however the heart of door window, it is the core that supports integrated performance of door window.

Any door window has certain service life, use time is longer, degree of aging of door window loss is more serious also.When the hardware fittings that supports doors and Windows to operate normally rusts, aging, fracture, door and window safety hidden danger also follows.Prevention is the best way to avoid harm!
Regular maintenance of doors and Windows in the home, troubleshooting hidden dangers, so as to be more safe and secure.

In the customization of doors and windows, we can choose their favorite type of doors and windows, color style, as well as a variety of practical performance. But freedom of choice does not mean freedom to be capricious;We need to be cautious when we encounter the following situations:

1.Families with children and the elderly, indoor doors as far as possible to choose low rail, sliding doors should also choose a buffer device;

2.Do not install external Windows above the seventh floor. If you consider the indoor activity space, you can choose to open inside the inverted window.

3.If you choose to open the window, please add a falling device to the window sash, there is no limit to the community can be installed with anti-theft net;

4.Coastal/high-rise residential, try to choose wind pressure resistance and good sealing window type;

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