The watertight performance of doors and windows is related to the section and material of doors and windows, rubber strip, drainage system and window structure design.Do the following, doors and windows drainage need not worry!

1.Glass is important

When a rainstorm comes, the rain has a great impact on the doors and Windows. If you want to have the doors and Windows that do not drip, the glass of the window is extremely important.
Tabor Windows with three layers of insulating glass, sandproof performance can reach eight.

2. High quality sealing tape

Taiber doors and Windows with high quality EPDM long tail sealing tape, scientific seal, when the window sash closed, the tape can be well pressed on the window frame, reduce the possibility of rainwater penetration.

3. Professional drainage system
Tabor series doors and Windows adopt three sealing and advanced hidden drainage structure, to create excellent waterproof performance, even in rainy days, you can still look out the window colorful world, to create a quiet and comfortable home environment for you.


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