There are many speciIn order to improve the quality of the aluminum ceiling and beautify the appearance of the aluminum ceiling, so that the market is more broad, usually on the surface of the aluminum ceiling process, the process includes film, roll coating, anodizing.

  1. Film coated Film mulching is a physical process, a layer of film a layer of aluminum plate after high temperature and high pressure. The advantages of laminating process are:
    • anti lampblack: made of PVC high-gloss film processing, easy to clean.
    • wear resistance: special PET layer, durable.
    • anti-moisture: the surface is covered with film, reducing the direct contact between water and aluminum, and the durability is strong.
    • good tactile feeling: the surface has a layer of film, smooth touch, change the feeling of cold and single metal material.
    • design and color: a variety of colors for choice.
    • moderate price, good cost performance.
  2. Roll coating Roll-coating is made of international standard aluminum hot tied high quality aluminum alloy plate with three characters beginning as the base material, and is pressed together through three coating and three drying and roll-coating processing technology.
    • health and environmental protection: using international standard aluminum as the base material, no free state of chromium, tribute and other harmful metal elements, in line with the European Union international standards.
    • Adopts advanced nanotechnology, anti-scratch, anti-corrosion and anti-oil pollution.
    • decay resistance: durable color is not easy to change color.
    • acid and alkali resistance.
    • powder resistance: the roll coating process is uniform and delicate, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of flour on the ceiling surface.
  3. Anodic oxidation The advantages of the anodic oxidation process are:
    • health and environmental protection: no chromium, mercury, cadmium and other harmful metal elements
    • scratch resistance and wear resistance: can reach sapphire hardness
    • anti-fingerprint
    • anti-corrosion
    • self-cleaning: anti-static, not easy to absorb dust, easy to clean.
    • brilliant color: after many times of anodic oxidation treatment, rich color, color BI true.
    • Seiko board: 36 craft carved, the surface of concave and convex texture effectively shielding radiation.

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