The main characteristics of the two are different:

1) Main features of hidden frame glass curtain wall:
  1. The glass is fixed on the auxiliary frame with silicone structural sealant, and the auxiliary frame is fixed to the main frame grid (column, beam) by mechanical clamping method.The structural glass assembly assembly is completely separated from the main frame, which is one of the most important characteristics of the construction of hidden frame glass curtain wall.
  2. Structural glass assembly components in the professional production workshop production, glue injection quality, processing accuracy is guaranteed, saving silicone structural sealant.
  3. The column and beam are blanked by the manufacturer, with high processing accuracy and less material waste.

2) Main features of the glass curtain wall of the clear frame:
The glass curtain wall of the bright frame is not only used in large amount, wide area, stable and reliable performance, but also because the glass curtain wall of the bright frame is derived from the glass window in form, and is easy to be accepted by people.The construction is simple and the form is traditional.

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