1. Light weight and high strength: The materials of aluminum alloys are mostly hollow-core and thin-walled composite sections, which are easy to use, light in weight, and have strong bending strength in the section. The aluminum alloy sliding doors are durable and have small deformation .

2. Good sealing function: the aluminum alloy itself is easy to knead, the cross-sectional dimension of the profile is accurate, and the price accuracy is high. The fixing groove of the sealing strip has been completed together with the section in the kneading and forming process, which has created favorable conditions for the sealing material of the device, and the fit of the device is also very high, so the whole sealing effect is very good.

3. Beautiful appearance: After the aluminum alloy surface is treated, it can present different colors such as ancient lead liver copper, golden yellow, silver white, etc., with a large selection space, and it is bright and clean through oxidation.
Strong corrosion resistance: the aluminum alloy oxide layer does not fade, does not fall, does not need to be painted, and is easy to maintain

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