The Structure Of Aluminium Window And Door Waterproof

A exterior Windows waterproof structure, its main technical points, waterproof board, including the default body even protect box and waterproof glue, the default body set up in the installation of Windows and doors hole side straight side walls, even the protection box is 凵 fonts and contrast with opening on one side of the sealing connection in lining board installation side, even the open end of the box end wall through the bolt on the default body, even the protection box and waterproof cavity is formed between the default bod.

Waterproof glue is poured into the waterproof cavity, the cross-section shape of the waterproof board along the length direction is figure 8, the round head at both ends of the figure 8 waterproof board is respectively embedded in the preset body and the waterproof glue, and the glue injection part is arranged on the protective frame. It can have good waterproof effect on the flat wall between the door and window frame plate and the door and window openings.

Doors and Windows waterproof connection Angle, including a right Angle or obtuse Angle or acute Angle connection Angle, connection Angle is combined, including a connector with a right Angle or obtuse Angle or acute Angle plug and a sleeve type connector with the plug matching suit, two connector in the matching suit also in the connector surface at the end of the plug is equipped with a sealing gasket. A fixing screw is installed between the two connecting pieces.

Building doors and Windows waterproof joint Angle of the sealing gasket, and through the screw make sealing washer outward expansion force can well will be connected to the Angle of the door or window frame and wall body close contact of materials to achieve sealing effect, and the connection fastening, beautiful, has the advantages of simple structure, easy to quickly install or remove, waterproof effect is remarkable, it is very convenient to use, the advantages of easy manufacturing and processing. Very conducive to promotion and implementation.

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