The Surface Treatment Of Broken Bridge Insulation Aluminum Alloy Profiles

There are many types of methods to be taken for surface treatment of broken bridge insulation aluminum alloy profiles. It is very important for us to take an efficient method when we process them. So, what are the methods that we usually use to deal with it? Let’s take a look at it.

1. Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum alloy profile process is relatively simple, mainly thanks to the improvement of the automatic precision of the main equipment in the production process, for some of the main technical parameters can be controlled by microcomputer, effectively reduce the difficulty of process operation, and auxiliary equipment is greatly reduced.

2. High yield, under normal circumstances, if the appropriate measures, can maximize the control of the production of unqualified products.

3. Some of the physical indicators of the coating film than other surface treatment film has been significantly improved, such as hardness, wear resistance, can effectively extend the service life of aluminum profiles.

4. Powder spraying is powder coating, electrostatic spraying is used in the process, the use of friction spray gun, under the influence of the accelerated wind, the powder particles ejected gun body carrying positive charge, and a negative charge profile contact, electrostatic adsorption, and then after high temperature curing. It also enhances the adsorption strength of the paint and prevents the paint film from falling off.

5. The labor intensity of the workers is significantly reduced, and because of the automation line operation, the way of material and the use of the fixture have been significantly simplified, improved production efficiency, and reduced the intensity of labor.

6. The wool surface quality standards have significantly reduced, powder coating and can completely cover the extrusion lines on the surface of the profile, cover up some defects on the surface of the aluminum profile, improve the surface quality of the finished aluminum profile.

7. Energy consumption is significantly reduced. In the production process of ordinary anodic oxidation and electrophoresis coating, the consumption of water and electricity is quite large, especially in the oxidation process. Rectifier output current can reach 8000~11000A, voltage between 15~17.5V, coupled with the heat consumption of the machine itself, the need to keep cooling with circulating water, tons of power consumption is often about 1000 degrees, while the reduction of auxiliary facilities can also reduce some power consumption.

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