The Performance Of Aluminium Window And Door

Aluminum alloy door window is the profile that will pass surface treatment.Through the blanking, drilling, milling groove, tapping, window and other processing technology and made of door and window frame material components, and then with the connection, seals, open and close hardware assembly together.

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows according to its structure and the way of opening and closing, can be divided into sliding doors and Windows, flat open doors and Windows, rotary doors and Windows, gauze doors and Windows, shutters, fixed Windows, hanging Windows, etc.According to the difference of exterior colour and lustre, doors and Windows of aluminum alloy can be divided for silvery white, golden yellow, bronze, bronzer, black and yellow.According to the production series (customically according to the width of doors and Windows section size) different, aluminum alloy doors and Windows can be divided into 38 series, 42 series, 50 series, 54 series, 60 series, 64 series, 70 series, 78 series, 80 series, 90 series, 100 series.

Aluminum alloy doors and Windows should pass strict performance test before leaving the factory, to achieve the specified performance indicators after the installation and use.Aluminum alloy door window checks the following main performance normally.

1.The intensity.The strength of aluminum alloy doors and Windows is expressed by the grade of air pressure when the compressed air pressure test is carried out in the pressure chamber, and the unit is N/ M2. General performance of aluminum alloy doors and Windows strength up to 196L ~ 2353N/m2, high-performance aluminum alloy Windows up to 2353 ~ 2764N/m2. The maximum displacement in the center of the casement measured under the above pressure should be less than L /70 of the height of the inner edge of the window frame.

2. The air tightnessAluminum alloy window in the pressure test chamber, so that the window before and after the formation of 4.9 ~ 9.4N/m2 pressure difference, the ventilation per m2 area per h (m3) represents the air tightness of the window, he unit is m3/(hM2).When the pressure difference of general performance aluminum alloy before the window is 9.4N/m2, the air tightness can reach 8m3/(HM2) below, high sealing aluminum alloy window up to 2m3/(Hm2).

3. Water tightnessAluminum alloy window in the pressure test chamber, add the period of 2S sine wave pulse pressure to the outside of the window. At the same time, 4L artificial rainfall was sprayed to the window every minute per m2 to carry out a continuous 10min “wind and rain” test, and there should be no visible water leakage on one side of the room.The water tightness is indicated by the average pressure of the pulse air pressure applied during the test.General performance of aluminum alloy window is 343N/m2, anti typhoon high performance window up to 490N/m2.

4. Open and closeWhen the glass is installed, the external force required to open or close the casement should be below 49N.

5. Sound insulation sex.The acoustic transmission loss of aluminum alloy Windows was tested in the acoustic laboratory. It can be found that when the audio frequency reaches a certain value, the aluminum window sound through the loss tends to be constant.This method is used to measure the grade curve of sound insulation performance. The sound transmission loss of aluminum alloy window with sound insulation requirements can reach 25dB, that is, the sound level can be reduced by 25dB after the sound passes through the aluminum alloy window. Aluminum alloy Windows with high sound insulation performance, sound transmission loss grade curve of 30 ~ 45dB.

6.Heat insulatingThe thermal resistance of a window is usually expressed as the value of the thermal convection impedance. Generally divided into three levels: R1=0.05, R2=0.06, R3=0.07.High performance heat insulation window with 6mm double glazing is adopted, and the thermal convection impedance value can reach 0.05m2.

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