Heavy Aluminium Sliding Door

More about heavy aluminium sliding door

6063 high precision raw aluminum in line with the national construction materials standard, the material is firm, stable and not easy to deform.

The thickened profile wall is thick, the door material feels delicate, thick but not clumsy, steady and nimble, and is born for elegance.

The upper and lower tracks are designed with double pulleys

The upper track guide wheel plays the role of anti-swing guide, the push and pull is more smooth and stable, and shaking the door will not shake.

The lower rail bearing wheel plays a bearing role, bearing performance is superior, safe and stable

The upper and lower tracks are equipped with special sealing plastic parts

Special seals on the track block most of the outdoor air into the room, play a windproof effect, but also to prevent the door fan is lifted, play an anti-theft effect.Lower track special seals can prevent a large number of rainwater into the room, waterproof effect.




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