Save Energy With Good Window And Door System

According to the research shows, the heat of 71% indoor summer basically comes from the high temperature outside, pass door window into indoor, want to let your room summer so cool and comfortable, be about to choose right door window above all.

Good doors and Windows can perfectly isolate the hot air outdoors and firmly lock the cold air indoors. The summer sun is shining, all the outside heat energy socked the strength to rush into the room, trying to enter the room through any one of the gaps, therefore, the air tightness of doors and Windows is very key.The Builtec system doors and Windows are designed with three high seals to increase water and air tightness and keep heat out.

Windows and doors are also big funnels of wasted energy.According to the survey, with the development of real estate, building energy consumption has accounted for more than 40% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and the loss of energy consumption through doors and Windows accounts for about 50% of the building energy consumption.Therefore, this has put forward higher request to the energy saving of the door and window.

Real energy-saving door window is not single use heat insulation material, it is the perfect combination of a system, the comprehensive result of each link performance.Builtec system doors and Windows, with energy saving insulation system, improve the thermal conductivity of the glass edge, keep the indoor temperature constant, comfortable every minute at home

It should be noted that although it is comfortable to close doors and Windows and blow air conditioning, the posture is not right, but it will also affect health. Back home, you should close the window after open air conditioning, wait for 5 ~ 10 minutes, to ensure that the air conditioning on the pollution discharge outside, and then close the doors and Windows, reduce indoor harmful gas, and air conditioning for a long time, especially in air conditioning use for more than 6 hours, want to open window to change the air in the room for a while, it also can make the body more comfortable.

Builtec system doors and Windows are like having the key to open the cool summer heat.Builtec system doors and Windows is a modular, systematic and high-quality door and window system independently developed by using systematic thinking and setting different regional climate environment and functional requirements. Because of the professional, so more high-end users choose.

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