First, embedded parts device problems The embedded parts are in deviation, the contact between the embedded parts and the structure is not tight, the distance between the embedded parts and the structure edge of the shrink bolt is less than 5cm, the exposed length of the anchor bolt for the embedded parts does not meet the requirements, the welding between the reinforced steel plate and the buried plate is not strong, the structure of the buried plate is drilled too much, and the nut is not tightened.

Two, keel device problems
The main keel position is biased, the geometric position does not fit the request, the verticality of the keel mullion and the degree of the beam is biased larger, the secondary keel welding is not to the extent, the spacing and elevation do not meet the request, and the electric welding is used to punch holes, and the anti-corrosion and anti-rust disposal is not in place.

Three, vibration and noise problems
If the curtain wall system structure design is reasonable, the cause of vibration and noise problems may be caused by improper technology of the site device, incorrect working procedure and incorrect application of data. Device management does not reach the designated position, substandard device is the common fault of the curtain wall construction, table now layer between the sealing quality is bad, often mullion without glue, telescopic joints connecting pieces and no glue between the box vertical and horizontal box, connecting pieces missing gasket between the mullion and there is crack or device, and lack of interframe block, stone curtain wall glass missing gasket, etc.

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