Vertical Aluminium Sliding Windows

The sliding window adopts the sliding rail on the window frame, and the window sash is equipped with pulleys. The advantage of this kind of window is that it does not occupy any extra space when opening and closing the window, and the structure is simple. Sliding windows are usually best for high-rise buildings with more than two stories. Since the opening method is sliding, the window will not be located outside like a casement window. To prevent objects from falling through the windows, sliding windows are most suitable for high-rise buildings.


Product Details

Production Introduction

Sliding windows are divided into horizontal sliding windows and vertical sliding windows according to different sliding directions. The advantages of sliding windows are as follows: they do not occupy indoor space, have a beautiful appearance, are inexpensive and have good air tightness. Our company's sliding windows are all high-grade sliding rails, which can be opened flexibly by light push. Coupled with a large piece of glass, it can not only increase indoor lighting, but also improve the overall appearance of the building. Welcome to order our products.

Advantage of Installing Vertical Aluminium Sliding Window:

1. Windows can be installed at your designated location to keep the room well ventilated.

2. Manual sliding windows can reduce energy consumption

3. Customize according to the exact specifications of your house

4. White, black powder coating , bronze anodized , wood grain and other alumiium frame color can be chosen.

Aluminium Sliding Window Detail:

Product Name

Aluminium Sliding Window

Open Style


Opening Pattern


Design Style

Traditional, modern,contemporary and so on




Ordinary Aluminium or thermal break aluminium


Powder coating/anodizing/wood grain/other

Frame Color



Tempered Glass

Glass Thickness



China top brand



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