Powder Coated Aluminium Folding Door

The folding door is mainly composed of door frame, door leaf, transmission device, boom device, transmission device, steering device, etc.
It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, novel style, various colors, easy to use, easy to push and pull, and effectively save the space occupied by the door.


Product Details


15The folding door has the advantages of light weight, thermal insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, fire retardant, noise reduction, sound insulation, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other chemical stability.

15Non-stick oil smoke, easy to clean, not easy to change color, also suitable for kitchen, bathroom, toilet and other occasions.

15The aluminum alloy folding door is of great design significance. Like an accordion, it shows a unique charm as we pull and close it. Since it can be folded, the space occupied is very small, and it is also very interesting to use.

15Easy and fast installation, long service life and easy maintenance.

15The aluminum alloy folding door also has an incomparable advantage, that is, it is very light in weight, because it is constructed of aluminum alloy material, which can provide warmth in cold winters, and is also a good helper for moisture resistance in the south, in some bathrooms or toilets. Wait for a damp place to do its job.

Benefits after installation

25The area where the folding door is installed is large and small, and it can be opened, which is very suitable for small houses.

25After choosing the folding door, the kitchen can also be turned into an open kitchen. You don’t need to close the door at ordinary times. You can close it when cooking and isolate the fumes.

25Aluminum alloy doors and windows occupy the home door and window market, and folding doors are a style that many consumers pay more attention to. After all, it saves space and has good lighting. It not only gives a large space for activities or placement, but also for people who seek natural indoor lighting. Also a good choice.

Product parameter

Type Aluminium Folding Door
Main Material Aluminium Alloy
Glass Type Single tempered glass
Double Tempered glass
Frosted glass
Color White,Black,Grey,Blue,Green
Any color for your choice
Size Customized size
Application Bedroom,Kitchen,Balcony,Living room,Study
Packaging Air Bubble Film + Plastic Film
As per your specific requests



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