Modern Aluminum Casement Window

Environmental protection and low carbon, sound insulation high-end appearance, anti-mosquito is the feature of Aluminum alloy windows with screens.


Window styles in private houses: The opening and closing of window sashes move in a certain horizontal direction, so they are called “casement windows".

Casement windows are divided into push-pull type and top-hung type. Its advantages are large opening area, good ventilation, good air tightness, sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. take up space. The disadvantage is that the windows are small and the view is not wide.

The external space around the open window outside the window is easily damaged when strong wind blows; and a part of the indoor space near the open window. It is inconvenient to use the screen, and it is inconvenient to use the screen and curtains when opening the window. If the quality is not good enough, it may rain.

Do you have the following housing problems?

■ When it rains, water will seep into the windows, and the water tightness is poor.

■ Poor sound insulation of windows affects the quality of life.

■ The window has low resistance to wind pressure, so the safety factor is low.

■ The windows are poorly insulated.

■ The effect of stopping mosquitoes is very poor.

Product Name

Modern Aluminium Casement Window with Screen

Product Size

The dimension can be customized

Product Material

6063-T5 Aluminium alloy+ Glass+ Hardware

Aluminium Profile

1.4-1.8mm thickness

Glass Thickness

6-12mm thickness /customized


Office building, meeting, bedroom, study, living room and so on


■ Strong wind resistance,

■ High air tightness,

■ Good waterproof,

■ Strong sound insulation,

■ Good energy saving.

■ Aluminium Casement Window with Screen or without Screen: Swing open.

■ Aluminium Sliding Window with Screen or without Screen : Sliding open.

■ Aluminium Top Hung Window : Swing open.

■ Fixed Window : Fixed.

■ Aluminium Louver Window :Fixed.

■ Aluminium Swing Door : Swing open : Swing open.

■ Aluminium Sliding Door : Sliding open.

■ Aluminium Folding Door : Sliding open.

■ Glass Door / Partition Wall / Shower Cubicle / so on.

Aluminium Window and Door "FOSHAN BUILTEC" have 6 characteristics as following:

■ Excellent craftsmanship,

■ Low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving,

■ Strong wind resistance,

■ Long service life,

■ High-quality sound insulation, away from noise pollution,

■ Excellent air tightness.



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