Double Glazed Aluminium Awning Windows

The aluminum awning window opens along the horizontal axis. According to different hinges and hinge positions, it can be divided into upper sunshade windows, lower sunshade windows and middle sunshade windows. Double-layer glass tempered glass is optional, such as Low-E, colored or colored, laminated, etc.


Product Details

Double Glazed Aluminium Awning Windows: Aluminium Awning Windows is opened along the horizontal axis. According to the difference of hinge and hinge position, it can be divided into upper awning window, lower awning window and middle awning window.Double glazed tempered glass with of option, like Low- E, tinted or forsted, laminated etc.

Product Information


Brand Name



Aluminium Awning Window

Open Style


Opening Pattern



Customized Size

Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Surface Treatment

Powder Coating /Anodizing /Wood Grain Color /Other


Dark Gray /Black /Light Grey /White /Wood Grain /Brown /Other

Profile Thickness

1.4mm thickness /customized

Glazing Option

Double Glazing

Glass Color

Clear /Blue /Green /Other


10 years warranty

Option for Color

1. Surface Treatment : Powder coating, andodizing, wood grain,electrophoresis, other.

2. Color: Dral Gray, black, white, wooden grain color, other.

Option for Glass

1. Single Glass/Double Glass/Triple Glass.

2. Tempered Glass/ Laminated Glass/Frosted Glass.

3. Clear/Blue/Green/Coffee Color.

Product Detail

 Why choose us?

● Professional Team

We have a dedicated design and internal technical team to provide support to reputable customers through assistance from the consulting stage to the completion process to ensure that the requirements of customers are met in the most cost-effective and beautiful way.

● Excellent Service

1. First of all, we will discuss and reach an agreement with the customer according to the requirements and drawings provided by the customer to clarify their needs and requirements.

2. Make quotation sheets and CAD drawings, and wait for customer confirmation and order.

3. The guest confirms the drawing and order, and pays the deposit.

3. Start purchasing materials and arrange production.

4. During the production process, we will provide photos and reports to inform customers of the production progress.

5. After production is completed, provide customers with photos and reports.

6. Finally, according to customer requirements, arrange packaging and transportation.

● Our Warranty

1. 10years guarantee period and weather resistance

2. Provide high-quality products while paying attention to the details of each production level.

3. We will continue to work hard to improve our products and keep pace with technological advancements in related fields.

4. Our belief is to always provide the best quality service.



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