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Aluminium sliding window

The sliding window not only has a large window width, large glass block, wide field of view, but also increases the indoor lighting, which effectively improves the brightness of the house; it does not occupy the extra space in the house regardless of the opening and closing state; the sliding window opens in one plane. It takes up less space and is convenient for installing screens.

Name Aluminium Sliding Window
Open style horizontal
Profile Thickness 1.20mm thickness or customized
Size Customized
Packaging Air bubble film+Plastic film
As per your special requirements
Glass Types single glass,
double class,
tempered glass,
floating glass,
insulation glass,
reflective glass,
laminated glass,
low-e glass
Production application Shopping mall/building/school/ hospital/hotel/ apartment/villa,etc.
packaging Bubble bag(wrap)/EPE foam+Wooden Crate

Excellent air tightness We put seals around the edges of the Windows to prevent air leaks. In addition, there are special drainage design to prevent rainwater from entering the room.

Aluminum alloy material, easier to clean we use a new aluminum alloy material. Which one is easy to clean and still looks like a new years use after washing.

Visible light transmittance The amount of visible light passing through a window. Low E coating prevents sunlight from penetrating the glass.

Sound insulation aluminum alloy profile heat insulation broken bridge, three cavity energy-saving sound insulation structure, to achieve long-term sound insulation, heat insulation, energy saving stronger.

High quality aluminum solid splicing using 45 degree nail method, aluminum Angle code link fixed, nail method perfect, more stable window.

Imported hardware Imported locks are stronger and more varied in style to protect your home and personal property.

Diamond mesh is high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, fine mesh design, not only does not affect the light transmittance and can effectively prevent mosquitoes and insects.



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