Aluminium Alloy Awning Window

Aluminium Alloy Awning Window: Our aluminum alloy windows are tightly sealed, have good ventilation performance when opened, and are suitable for high-rise buildings.​


Product description

Aluminium Alloy Awning Window: Ventilation–Because the inverted position is another way to open the casement window, it can make the room and natural air circulate naturally, the indoor air is fresh, and the possibility of rainwater entering the room is eliminated. The fresh air has undoubtedly created a comfortable living environment for people. Safety–the linkage hardware arranged around the window sash and the various functions of the handle for indoor operation. When the window sash is closed, the surrounding environment is fixed on the window frame, which has excellent security and anti-theft performance. Easy to clean the windows–simple operation, the outside of the window sash can be rotated indoors. It is convenient and safe to clean the outer surface of the window. Practicability–Avoid occupying indoor space when opening the inner window, and it is inconvenient to hang curtains and install clothes rails. Good sealing and heat preservation performance–by locking multiple points around the window sash to ensure the sealing and heat preservation effect of doors and windows.

Aluminium Alloy Awning Window Detail:

Item Name

Aluminium Alloy Awning Window


Aluminium Profile

Standard non-thermal break aluminium frame

Top-grade thermal break aluminium frame


Profile Thickness

1.4mm thickness aluminium frame

Other thickness can be customized



Can be customized (width and height)


Surface Treatment

Powder coating, anodizing, wooden grain,other


Profile Color

White, grey, black,any color can be customized


Glass Type

Single Glass

5-12mm thickness(any color)

Double Glass

5mm+6A/9A/12A+5mm thickness(any color)

6mm+12A+6mm thickness or custom


Triple Glass

5mm+6A/9A+5mm+6A/9A+5mm thickness(any color)

6mm+12A+6mm+12A+6mm thickness or custom


Laminated Glass

3mm+0.38PVB+3mm thickness custom(any color)

5mm/6mm+0.76PVB+5mm/6mm thickness or custom


Hardware Brand

China brand or German brand


Delivery Time

About 45 days, usually depending on order’s design and quantity.


All the Aluminium alloy windows and doors can be customized as per your required.

The design of aluminium window and door is diverse, welcome to relate with us!!



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