Aluminium Glass External Door

70 Aluminium swing doors are suitable for various buildings


Product Details

70 Aluminium swing door

1 Good resistance of wind-pressure with less deformity

Builtec aluminum profile is mostly designed in more-thickness cross section with hollow section. This cross section is high anti-bending modulus, using these kind of profile to fabricate complete frame system, it can improves the resistance of wind-pressure with less deformity.

2 Good sealing properties

The sealing properties influence usage of windows & doors, also consumption of energy.Builtec aluminum profile’s dimension precise, and frame and sash is fabricated well, they are better for windows and door sealing performance, it can improve the performance of heat and noise insulation.

3 Various color optionswith smooth surface

Builtec aluminum profile can be made into various color or grains by different workmanship. Aluminum profile after anodization, is more nice.

4 Long duration life

Aluminum hardness and anti-friction ability, makes aluminum profile good corrosion resistance and elegant appearance.Matching the Famous hardware, it can make window and door more nice, more flexible.

5 More lighting area

The large section for windows sash, it can use the big area of glass, keep more light into house, and more brighter in room, as well as the improvement on the true situation comparison and leading to distinct gradation.

6 Resistance for thunder and fire proof

Builtec aluminum windows & doors is connected with main frame of building, which can resist for thunder attacking. At the same time, Aluminum materials is resistance for flame, it can reduce the risk of fire.

Name Aluminium Swing Door
Frame Aluminium Alloy
Surface Finished Powder coating or Customized
Glass Thickness 6mm thickness or Customized
Glass type Customized
Color Grey/Blue/black/White/Customized
Hardware Top Brand Hardware
Packaging Air Bubble Film + Plastic Film
As per your specific requests
Warranty More than 5 years



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