How To Clear Aluminium Window And Door


  1. When cleaning aluminum doors and Windows, do not step on the aluminum frame, also do not pull the frame for support.This easy to wear doors and Windows or their own accidents.
  2. Aluminum doors and Windows can be stained with soft cloth with water or neutral detergent, do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, but can not use detergent, cleaning toilet spirit and other strong acid and base detergent, which will corrode the surface of the profile.
  3. Sealing top and glass glue are the key structures to ensure the sealing and insulation of aluminum doors and Windows. If they fall off, they should be repaired and replaced in time.
  4. Besides, you can also refer to following:Take out the old newspaper at home, dip it in water and stick it on the screen window. Now the screen window is a diamond gauze net without worrying about rust. After a while, take it down before the newspaper is dry, do it repeatedly several times, and the window is very clean.

You can close the window outside the screen, and then put a large newspaper between the window and the screen, and then with a vacuum cleaner attached to the screen, a little bit of dust suction clean.

For the gauze net cleaning can be used soft, dry cotton cloth or silk wipe, with a wet cloth gently scrub, or dipped in the market specially sold on the surface of the cleaning water wipe.It can be guaranteed to remove the stain easily.If the gauze has serious stains, you can use neutral cleaning agent or special cleaning agent for furniture, clean the stains first, and then dry wipe.

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