There are many specifications for aluminum gussets, including panel width, thickness, and folding height of the plate. The selection should be based on the characteristics of the bathroom at home. Aluminum gussets are divided into two types: punched and flat on the surface. The perforation on the surface can ventilate and absorb sound. A layer of film cushion is placed inside the gusset, and moisture can be absorbed by the film through the perforation, so it is most suitable for kitchens and bathrooms with a lot of moisture. The 600mm×600mm microporous square plates, C150, C100 strips, and 300×300, 300×600 aluminum gusset plates are the most widely used in the market.

The quality of aluminum gussets is not entirely thick, but the key lies in the texture of the aluminum material. Generally, aluminum gussets used in engineering have 0.8 mm or eventhicker, why? Because some engineering gussets are very long, in order to prevent deformation, they need to be thicker and harder. On the contrary, aluminum gussets for home improvement are rarely more than 4 meters, and there is no weight on the aluminum buckle ceiling. Therefore, the aluminum gusset for home improvement, so to speak, 0.6 mm is enough. So, why do you go to the building materials city, many salesmen tell you their 0.8mm, and some friends say that someone introduces him to 0.88mm; that’s often because their boards are not good, so they can only use the thickness to confuse people— ——It’s really ruinous.

To tell everyone clearly, 0.6 mm is enough. Take a famous imported brand aluminum gusset in the market as an example. Its price is more than 300 yuan per square meter, but what is its thickness? 0.5 mm, not as good as 0.6 mm! Why, the quality of the board does not lie in the thickness, but in the base material. In fact, if the aluminum gussets you consult are brand-name, in the mid-range, most of them are 0.6 mm.

Regarding why some brands of 0.8 mm are not good, and some other brands use aluminum cans. Because of the quality of the aluminum itself, it is impossible for them to make the aluminum gusset very thin. Aluminum is not good, and the board cannot be thinned evenly, so they can only make it thicker.

Therefore, to identify aluminum gussets, in addition to paying attention to the surface finish, it is also necessary to observe whether the thickness of the board is uniform, and pinch it with your hands.Lower the board and feel whether the elasticity and toughness are good.

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