Characteristics Of Color Aluminum Sliding Door

Color aluminum is a new profile in the field of doors and Windows.In fact, color aluminum and aluminum alloy is about the same, but the thickness of color aluminum alloy is much thicker than before, and the powder spraying or electrophoresis is carried out.

In the aluminum alloy surface coloring treatment, aluminum alloy performance is very stable, not easy to be corroded, general surface after special treatment can guarantee at least 30 years without fading.
Compared with model steel, the biggest advantage is firm degree is incomparable, and color changeful, have pure white, blackish green, purple, silver grey.At present, there is a new fluorocarbon spraying process in Guangzhou, can imitate wood grain and make a variety of three-dimensional modeling, especially with a variety of color glass, flower glass, is fashionable and beautiful.

“Under normal circumstances, the price of high quality color aluminum doors and Windows than inferior color aluminum doors and Windows to 30% higher.”
According to the introduction of the market personnel of Australia Puli hair, in the inferior color aluminum sliding door is usually used to contain a large number of impurities in the recovery of aluminum extrusion aluminum profile, aluminum profile some wall thickness is only 1~1.2mm, not standard at all.
Especially used as a sliding door or frameless balcony window, easy to appear sealing problem, not only leakage, and in the strong wind and large external force under the action of the glass will appear crack, fall off phenomenon.

And high quality color aluminum doors and Windows, generally fine processing, smooth tangent, consistent Angle (the main frame material is usually 45 degrees or 90 degrees), in the stitching process should not appear more obvious gaps, good sealing performance, smooth switch.

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