You Should Pay Attention To Glass

As an important part of the glass doors and Windows, in the purchase of the time should also pay attention to the following points, whether the choice of plastic steel doors and Windows or broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, glass is the key, many consumers only care about glass specifications.

1.Ordinary tempered glass is the safest If the tempered glass is used on both sides of the indoor and outdoor glass, the impact resistance and safety of the glass are greatly improved in the indoor and outdoor glass. Because the impact resistance of tempered glass is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary glass, and its bending resistance is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass, it can be said that it is safe to get home.

2.Sun or west sun room endothermic coated glass
Sunrise or west sun room, the outer side of the room can be used to absorb the coated glass, indoor side of the use of ordinary white glass.Because the absorption glass absorbs infrared light, it can attenuate 20% to 30% of the solar energy incident, thereby reducing the heat energy into the room. In summer, it can reduce the load of air conditioning.
In winter, due to the absorption of infrared light and make its own temperature rise, so as to resist the cold, can also achieve the effect of energy saving.Because endothermic glass is color glass, so, while saving energy, adornment effect is very obvious also.

3.Insulating glass is more energy saving
Because the thermal conductivity of the sealed middle air layer is much lower than that of the glass, therefore, compared with the single glass, the thermal insulation performance of the hollow glass can be increased by two times, and the electricity consumption of the building equipped with air conditioning can be greatly reduced.
Summer can be more than 70% heat insulation, winter is not easy to maintain indoor heating loss, reduce the heat loss of up to 40%, play a role in heat preservation, so as to cool summer and warm winter into reality.
Winter, indoor and outdoor temperature difference for the single piece of glass relationship, easy to cause condensation on the glass surface, the thermal resistance of insulating glass is larger, the indoor side of the glass in high temperature environment is not easy to cooling, condensation, so it’s not easy and seal, air moisture is absorbed by the desiccant, also won’t appear in every layer dew, glass surface can keep smooth and clear.

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