Aluminum Doors And Windows Should Be Checked Regularly

Hardware fittings are having very important connection effect to each place of door and window, can affect the service life of door and window directly even, but there are still a lot of people ignore the effect of hardware fittings.Whether the opening and closing of the holding hand needs to be examined smoothly regularly, if appear, kadon can be appropriate mechanical lubricating oil, or because of long use, the function that already lost its opening and closing should be changed in time, bedroom safety, this simple hardware holding a hand also had important effect.

Doors and windows chute, hinge, slide support, hold the hand and other parts should be kept clean, remove dust, doors and Windows push and pull flexible, no card stagnation phenomenon. If it is found that there are damaged places to be replaced in time, so as to ensure the service life of the doors and Windows.

Check the hardware accessories of doors and windows regularly When we decorate the house, we must choose better hardware accessories for the home, especially the window of geomantic water and rain, it is best to choose anti-rust, probably check it every year, and wipe it can be as clean as new.

Check the joints of doors, windows and walls regularly Because of the change in the weather, heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon will happen often, especially after years of weathering, if found loose and wall body junction should immediately inform the professional maintenance personnel on-site checking, otherwise once the framework deformation, easy to make a window cannot be closed, seal, in the rain can cause water seepage, leakage phenomenon such as rain.

Clean and maintain doors and Windows regularly Doors and Windows also need regular maintenance, so that doors and Windows can be protected to avoid damage in advance and maintain their safety risks. When cleaning doors and Windows, try to choose soft gauze or cotton yarn, so as not to scratch the surface of doors and Windows, affecting the appearance of beauty.The chute of the door and window also wants to clean in time, when there is dust or sundry want to clean in time. Encounter stains and difficult to clean dirt, can be appropriate with alcohol or neutral detergent, cleaning. However, in the purchase of doors and Windows, it is recommended to choose a better quality of tempered glass. There is an international control drying technology made of tempered glass, which can be kept bright and transparent in any harsh environment. The test effect is very good, and basic does not need to be cleaned often.

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