How To Choose Brand Of Aluminum Door And Window

Door window serves as the place that we communicate directly with outdoor, the stand or fall of its quality and performance, the comfort that can decide us to live directly.And at present in the market of aluminum alloy doors and Windows has become the mainstream of doors and Windows products, so in the face of many aluminum alloy doors and Windows brand, how should we choose?

Good aluminum directly affects the service life of the doors and Windows and the wind resistance performance, which we must pay good attention to when choosing, you can use a ruler to measure whether the wall thickness has reached the standard of 1.4mm window, 2.0mm door.The strength, hardness and oxidation resistance are very good is the primary aluminum.

After watching the profiles, we still need to pay attention to its glass performance: for the window, daylighting is very important, in addition the entire glass insulation heat preservation performance is also very important, such as when the choose and buy as far as possible choose with 3 c authentication of toughened glass, hollow double glass that must be better, so it the whole heat preservation and heat insulation performance would be much better.That can really play a heat preservation and insulation and sound insulation of the all-around glass, not only to have hollow, more important is to have hollow drying technology inside.

Finally is to see a window of aluminium alloy door hinges and hardware accessories: these hinges and hardware fittings, although small, but the fact is directly related to the doors and Windows of air tightness and wear rate, when choose aluminum alloy doors and Windows must not only pay attention to doors and Windows profiles, inferior aluminium alloy door USES some hinges and hardware fittings, manufactured in serious affect the service life of the doors and Windows and experience. Like the hardware accessories of xanis doors and Windows, are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, with strong load-bearing capacity, wear-resisting corrosion and rust prevention, effectively ensuring the service life of doors and windows.

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