Window Suitable For Rainy Days

Builtec intimately recommends 50series aluminum alloy doors and windows for you.

1. It is equipped with domestic Jianlang concealed inner opening and inner inverting hardware system as standard, which opens smoothly, simple and flexible;

2. Adopting three seals and advanced hidden drainage structure to create extremely excellent waterproof performance, sealing performance, and energy saving performance;

3. The use of high-quality EPDM long-tail sealing rubber strips separates the glass gap into multiple cavities and keeps the glass silent.

4. Realize 80,000 times of trouble-free opening, powder coating treatment, the whole window is economical and durable.

The aluminum alloy 50 series is a hidden window sash structure independently developed by our company (that is, the inner surface of the window sash is flush with the inner surface of the window frame, and the hidden hardware opens). Decoration (window sills, window covers, etc.), maintenance, etc. provide convenient conditions, improving the performance of the entire window to a higher level.

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