1. Check and repair the sealing: the balance hole is an important part of keeping the sealing of the window, and it is necessary to protect the balance hole in daily life. Balance hole is the window frame of plastic steel doors and Windows, sash for drainage and decompression hole, daily maintenance to avoid debris blocking the balance hole.

2.Usually more cleaning: track clogging and rust doors and Windows is the influence of rain waterproof factors. Therefore, in the daily maintenance, we must pay attention to the regular cleaning of the track, to ensure that there are no particles and dust blocking; Secondly, clean with soap and water to prevent the surface from rusting.

3.The use of doors and Windows: use skills are also an important part of the maintenance of doors and Windows. Note the use of doors and Windows: the lower part of the push window sash, so as to improve the life of the window sash; Secondly, flat Windows should not push the glass hard, otherwise it is easy to let the glass loose; Finally, the track window frame should avoid being hurt by hard objects, otherwise the window frame and track deformation will affect the rainproof ability.

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