In the pursuit of a comfortable life, people are demanding higher and higher quality and performance of doors and windows. For this reason, system doors and windows have entered everyone’s field of vision. So what are the advantages of system doors and windows compared with ordinary doors and windows?

1.Ordinary doors and windows are generally standardized products produced by one production line, with similar performance in all aspects, while system doors and windows can meet the needs of different consumer groups and be customized to become unique doors and windows suitable for you.

2. The system doors and windows have protective building structure and decoration structure, which can be protected from the condensate water or rainwater naturally appearing in the air. The system doors and windows can reduce the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning; in summer, it can insulate by more than 70%, and in winter, it can keep indoor heating not easy to lose, reducing heat loss by up to 40%.

3. The system doors and windows can reduce maintenance and operation costs and have a long service life. In general, the system doors and windows have good physical properties, can reach safety performance indicators, and can pass the specified testing requirements. Profiles, heat insulation strips, sealing rubber strips, and hardware are coordinated with each other; it has the advantages of low energy consumption, safety, comfort, noise reduction, and good sealing performance.

4. Take sound insulation as an example. In the past, the bedroom windows were closed tightly, and the car horns could still be heard outside the windows. However, after installing the system doors and windows, you can only hear your own breathing when you close the windows. There are two worlds inside and outside the window.

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