Hardware: the hardware is directly related to product safety, the preferred imports. Had better choose stainless steel material

Strip: strip is fundamental to energy saving, when choosing the preferred epdm, it has excellent physical and mechanical properties, good car closing a popping sound, is from the excellent sealing strip.

Hollow glass: configuration of 5 + 12 + 5 white float glass, glass is a little better low-e glass and insulating glass.

Window type: relationship to indoor daylighting and owner’s fashion sense, there is no fixed standard.

Style: flat open fan has a certain physical standard size (width should not be greater than 700, less than 500, should be about 600; Height should not be greater than 1400, less than 900, appropriate for 1000-1200), other are all part of the doors and Windows. A panoramic view of the beautiful picture, the beauty of the interaction of inside and outside, the light of the bright dark, is done through the windows and decoration.

Mosquito net: select invisible and built-in, and disassemble because it is easy to do.

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