Stainless Steel Square Pipe Railing

Stainless Steel Square Pipe Railing
Advantage 1 : Abrasion resistance
Advantage 2 : Smoothness
Advantage 3 : Easy to clean



Product Details

Stainless Steel Square Pipe Railing: Our stainless steel square tube railing system has been tested and designed to meet the most stringent building regulations at home and abroad. Builtec Aluminum offers hairline and polished stainless steel 304, 316 and 316L.Builtec Aluminum's custom railings are suitable for installation in a variety of applications. We provide a wide range of services such as site survey, design, detailing, manufacturing and installation. We recommend and recommend our customers the most effective railing systems in commercial and residential buildings.

 Product Information

Product Name

Stainless Steel Square Pipe Railing


Stainless Steel 304/Stainless Steel 316L


Length and height can be customized.

(Customized products according to your specification or drawings)


Mirror/Powder Coating /Polishing/Other


Any color


Hotel Balcony, Villa Balcony, Apartment Stair, Office Building Stair,Hospital Stair, School Stair, Other


A.Modern stylish

B.Competitive Price

C.Easy to install

D.Easy to maintain

E.5 years warranty


Stainless Steel Railing:  will be wrapped by bubble film inside, and with wooden

crate package.

Glass: wood box packing.

Product Advantages

◆ Advantage 1 : Abrasion resistance

After long-term use of solid wood guardrail, the surface will be damaged, stainless steel guardrail will not have this situation when used, there will be no friction on the surface, because the use of embroidered steel material, in use At that time, it has strong wear resistance, no matter what kind of friction, it can still maintain the original appearance, so its use effect is also very good. There will be no damage after touching or impact. Therefore, its practicability is also very good.

◆ Advantage 2 :Smoothness

When you touch the armrest with your hand, it will be very smooth and the surface is also very bright, long-term use, will not corrode. After long-term use, it can maintain a smooth effect, so this stainless steel guardrail can be used for a long time, and it will not be deformed in about 20 years, so its use time is also the longest.

◆ Advantage 3 :Easy to clean

The guardrail made of stainless steel can be better cleaned. After the surface has dust, wipe it gently with a towel to remove the dust. And after being cleaned, the stainless steel guardrail will still maintain the shiny effect.


Q1: How to ensure that damage is avoided during delivery?
A: All balustrade packaging is equipped with standard export plywood boxes and cartons. Completed strong enough to fit in a container

Q2: How long is your delivery time?

A: It depends on your order and requirements. And in general, it is about 25-35days after deposit and drawing confirmed.

Q3: Can I get a free sample before ordering?

A: We would like to provide sample before your ordering but not free.



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