Glass Curtain Wall

Invisible Frame Curtain Wall :The aluminum frame hides behind the glass, which makes it invisible from the outside. Invisible frame curtain wall can be divided into fully hidden frame glass curtain wall and half hidden frame glass curtain wall. Full glass appearance with modern and commercial sense of simple decorative style and visual effect.


Product Details

Glass Curtain Wall: Safety glass should be adopted for glass curtain walls in public places where there is a high flow of people, young people or children's activities, and parts that are vulnerable to impacts; for parts that are vulnerable to impacts, clear warning signs should be set up.

Product Advantage

● High Bending Strength

● In-combustibility

● Sound Insulation

● Waterproof

● Moisture-proof

● Thermal Insulation

● Shock Resistance

● Durability

● Long service life

● Various types and sizes

Product Parameter

Product Name

Curtain Wall

Frame Material

Aluminum alloy

Surface Finish

a. Mill finish

b. Anodized

c. Powder Coating

d. Electrophoresis

e. Polished

Frame Color

a. Customized

b. Dark grey

c. Light grey

d. Black

Frame Thickness


Glass Type

a. Double glass

b. Tempered glass

c. Low-E glass

d. Insulating glass

e. Reflective glass

f. Laminated glass

Glass Thickness


Glass Color

Clear/Green/Blue/customized any color


Cutting, punching, drilling, bending, weld, mill, CNC, etc.


a. Unitized Glass Curtain Wall

b. Point Supported Curtain Wall

c. Visible frame glass curtain wall

d. Invisible Frame Glass Curtain Wall


Q: What is the standard size of your Curtain Wall?

A: Our products is based on customized size, design, material and color.

Q: Can the product use our own design?
A: Yes, we will give you our suggestion according to your local climate and architectural drawing . Then you can get best product details and resonable price. After we confirme everthing, we will design and manufacture products.



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