Performance Of Deffierent Opening Ways Aluminium Window

Aluminum wrap the way of wooden window to close a lot of, among them push pull open multifunctional combination window is the new-type window that is eye-catching this year, its biggest advantage is open close follow one’s inclinations6) : sash can be pushed and pulled at will left and right, also can smooth ground to leave outward7);The window opening area can be adjusted freely. If it is rotated 180° outward, the inside and outside of the window sash can be cleaned indoors, which is very safe.

When the sash meets strong wind in the flat open state, the sash can automatically enter the orbit and convert to the push and pull state, so that the sash will not break the glass because of repeated opening and closing And the window sash closed up and down can be automatically locked, firm and reliable, security against theft.

There is also an aluminum wood flat hanging window, with a handle can be realized flat open, hanging two functions, at the same time to meet the window ventilation and ventilation function.

Single frame double fan aluminum wood composite window, the outer cover of the window frame adopts aluminum alloy profiles, the outer fan is aluminum alloy window sash, the inner fan is pure wood window sash, blinds can be installed between the two layers of window sash, the curtain can be adjusted without opening the window And pure wooden window is unique, strict design, make the heat preservation sex of the window and adornment sex more outstanding, but with indoor wood floor, wooden door, furniture mutual coordination, bring out the best in each other.

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