Do You Know The Advantages Of Aluminium Casement Window

1. Good ventilation effect Because the sash can be opened to the maximum extent, allowing indoor and outdoor air to be fully circulated, so the installation of casement Windows in the room is easier to breathe, can maintain a fresh and comfortable indoor environment.

2.Security and anti-theft The flat opening window is fixed all around when closing, the linkage hardware that the sash decorates all around and the various functions that hold a hand to operate indoors, all around the sash when closing is fixed on the window frame, so its safety performance is very high, can have anti-theft effect.

3.Flexible and practical The sash of flat casement is mobile and flexible, and the operation is simple, so that the sash can be turned indoors outside, and indoor space is taken up when the window is opened inside.

 4.Sealing insulation The sealing and thermal insulation performance of the flat window is good. The sealing and thermal insulation effect of the doors and Windows is guaranteed by multi-point locking around the window sash.

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