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Balcony guardrail design in the architect’s work can be said to be everywhere, although the components are small but can not be ignored. The balcony guardrail is the main component of the balcony, is the balcony platform air side set up safety facilities. The railing is generally composed of railing column, railing plate, connecting rod or handrail, etc., it can be divided into empty flower railing, solid railing plate and the combination of both.

Balcony guardrail design points:

1.The safety design of balcony guardrail
First of all, each house should be set up balcony guardrail or platform, balcony railing design should prevent children to climb, balcony railing vertical bar between the net distance should not be greater than 0.11m, in the balcony placed flower pot place must take measures to prevent falling.

2.The balcony guardrail is designed according to the number of floors
The height of balcony guardrail of low-rise and multi-storey residential buildings should not be less than 1.05m;
In the high-rise, high-rise residential balcony fence height should not be less than 1.10m.
Closed balcony guardrail should also meet the balcony guardrail net height requirements.
In the high-rise, high-rise and cold, cold area of residential balcony guardrail appropriate to use solid column board.

3. Balcony guardrail design facilities
The balcony should set air, bask in the establishment of clothings, the balcony of top layer should set rain cover. The partition board should be set between the balcony guardrail adjacent to each set of residences.
The balcony and rain cover should be organized drainage, Rain cover should be waterproof, balcony guardrail design should be waterproof.

4.The height of the balcony guardrail design
The height of the balcony guardrail should be calculated from the floor or roof to the vertical height of the top surface of the railing handrail, such as the bottom width is greater than or equal to 0.22m, and the height is lower than or equal to 0.45m of the treading part, should be calculated from the top surface of the treading part.
The height of the balcony guardrail should not be small 1.05M, but the upper level should not be more than 1.2M, and the balcony guardrail should not be left empty within the height of 0.1M from the ground.


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