New Product Clamp Post Glass Railing

Stainless steel column glass railing column is fixed to the building structure, used to support handrails and fixed vertical components of glass plates, metal plates, steel rods, steel cables or metal meshes. It is the main load-bearing component of the guardrail. Stainless steel guardrail columns are widely used in building balconies, stairs, landscape enclosures, channel isolation, etc. The main varieties are glass guardrail stainless steel columns, rod guardrail stainless steel columns, glass partition stainless steel columns and other structural shapes. Column accessories are used for the main body of the guardrail column to connect and clamp the glass fence and transmit the load. It can be used alone or in other fields, mainly including glass fixtures and connecting claws.

Builtec has professional team to design suitable for different place glass railing.Customized glass railing.


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