Builtec Aluminium Window And Door Series includes BT50,BT70,BT80,BT9,BT130.

High-grade brand to build strong and durable quality, patent technology cavity structure of mold excellent thermal insulation, air tightness and wind resistance.

Import hardware accessories, metal hand, accord with human body feel comfortable, tens of thousands of times of open test, the service life of the buildings with the same. Top of pure aluminium window, do not break the concise and comfortable living.

Hale line design, to redefine the aluminum doors and Windows system, open new era energy-saving aesthetics. Design is concise and lively, smooth lines, combined with modern household style; As a outdoor noise and indoor all can achieve avionics quiet;High efficiency and energy saving system of aluminium window, warm and comfortable home environment, let oneself put down the exhaustion of a day, enjoy the most relaxing time.

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