1. Visible Frame Curtain Wall
  2. The exposed frame glass curtain wall is a glass curtain wall whose metal frame components are exposed on the outer surface. It uses an aluminum alloy profile with a special cross section as the frame, and the glass panel is completely embedded in the replacement profile. Its characteristic is that the aluminum alloy profile itself has the dual functions of frame structure and fixed glass.

  3. Invisible Frame Curtain Wall
  4. The metal frame of the hidden frame glass curtain wall is hidden on the back of the glass, and the metal frame is transparent and invisible. Hidden frame glass curtain walls can be divided into two types: fully hidden frame glass curtain walls and semi-hidden frame glass curtain walls. Semi-hidden frame glass curtain walls can be horizontally exposed. The structure of hidden frame glass curtain walls is characterized by: the glass is outside the aluminum frame and is structured with silicone The sealant separates the glass from the aluminum frame. Most of the curtain wall is mainly supported by sealant.

  5. Glass Curtain Wall
  6. The all-glass curtain wall is a glass curtain wall composed of glass ribs and glass panels. The size of the glass panel of the all-glass curtain wall is usually combined, and mechanical suction cups should be used for installation. The all-glass curtain wall allows the on-site injection of silicone structural sealant. The surface of all glass plates shall not be in direct contact with other rigid materials. The length of the gap between the wood surface and the decorative surface or structural surface is less than 8mm, and sealant should be used to seal it.

  7. Point-fixing Glass Curtain Wall
  8. Point-supported glass curtain wall is a glass curtain wall composed of glass panels, point-supporting devices and supporting structures. The support structure includes glass rib support, single steel or steel pipe support, truss support and tension rod cable system support structure.

  9. Unitized Curtain Wall
  10. The unit curtain wall refers to the basic unit of the curtain wall structure made by the factory through various wall rights and supporting frames. The building curtain wall is directly installed on the main structure. The unit curtain wall can be mainly divided into: unit curtain wall and semi-unit curtain wall, also called rigid unit curtain wall. Semi-unit curtain wall can be divided into: vertical segment unit combined curtain wall and window unit curtain wall.

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